Monday, 13 June 2016

My favourites countrys:

The 1 country is U.S. Why this La Vegas, Island of aventure... I have always wanted to visit the  Universal  Orlando Resort. Because there are the space needle . Because there are the white house. Is the statue of liberty.

The 2 country is China. Is very big and nice. I would like to see big buddha of Leshan. Because there are the Great wall of China. Because there are the fot bidden City. 

The 3 country is Cuba. I like Cub because is very nice. The traditions of Cuba are beautifuls, for exemple the dance. The beaches are beautifuls.

The 4 country is France. I would like to see Torre Eiffel. To see villegs. To leam frances. And see the Catedral Notredam.

The 5 county is Tailandia. I would like to see the Golden buddha. There are the Lumpini park. Because there are the wat Rong Khun. Thre are the Doi Suthep-pui Natinal Park. Because there are the National museum of Royal Barges.